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Stable Mirror


Price Excludes Delivery To UK and Ireland.

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Installing a mirror in the stable, in a location that the horse could easily see his/her reflection, would provide a companion and make the horse feel it had company. This comforts the horse and reduces stress related behaviours such as cribbing, weaving, biting etc relax your horse.

Install the mirror in a position that the horse could easily see itself, when seeing his reflection this provide a companion and make the horse feels less restless as it thinks he has a stable mate and has company.

Adding a stable mirror helps to remove the underlying stress and boredom and reduce or cure the stable vice.

Each 3ft x 2ft mirror has holes in so its quickly installed – to offer instant therapy to your horse.

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Deliver to UK, Deliver to Ireland

Delivery Charges

Mainland UK – £65
Northern Ireland – £95
Ireland – £95
Highlands and Islands of Scotland – £150
Isle of Man – £150
Isle of Scilly – £150